The future isAI-Commerce

Democratization of Data using

Artificial intelligence + Blockchain technology.


What is Hint?

HINT is a mobile app, AI-chatbot, and smart AI-commerce technology for voice assistants on top of intelligent HINT network: – a distributed, privacy enabled data analytics platform using blockchain technology.

  • HINT platform users will be able to share digital data and collectively pull valuable insights whenever and wherever, they want, as open tap on the crowdsourced data.
  • Find products & services faster and more easily.
  • Have total visibility into all products available in your locality and globally.
  • Personal data analytics dashboard will provide users with advanced analytics capability and friendly user interfaces that would enable autonomous an informed decision making.

HINT Features


Real-time dashboard and spending overview.

AI Shopping

Automatically orders groceries from your favourite store.


Unified timeline for all your purchase history.

Pantry Tracker

Hint reminds you what needs to be stocked in your pantry at all times.

Chat Bot

Your personal chat bot that help you with the decisions while shopping online or in-store.

Push Notifications (HINTS)

HINT sends you personalised hints via push notifications which are real-time tips that apply to your spending habits and life events

Secure Wallet

Receive Hint Coins for every receipt scan to your own secure Hint Wallet

HINT Debit Card

May spend Hint coins globally on shopping online and offline


Anonymous – Ownership of the receipt will always be private and visible only to the owner.


Highly secure – you own your data, period.


Store receipts in IPFS and Blockchain database.

HINT Market Place

Automatically list your products in HINT Market place.

Digitise Receipts

HINT mobile app captures receipts and store digital copy in a secure decentralised database.

Geo Tagging

Automatically geo tag the receipts

Collective Intelligence

Hint platform users will be able to share receipt data and collectively pull valuable insights whenever and wherever, they want, as open tap on the crowd sourced data.


HINT’s sophisticated, flexible API platform that works so fast. Developers should able to integrate with Google Home and Alexa to request real-time product information.

Latest news about HINT

    Token Structure

    HINT token’s core function

    • as utility token, users can pay for AI services in Hint ecosystem

    PRE-ICO Funds Allocation

    Engineering and Product Design 65%
    Marketing 20%
    Legal 5%
    Team, Advisors & Experts 10%

    Token Distribution

    • Hint Network
    • Pre-ICO
    • ICO
    • Bounty
    • Team
    • Founders

    HINT Network potential market


    Trillion Sales per Year

    Billion people worldwide

    Our Goal

    Hint aims to widen cryptocurrency footprint by rewarding users with Hint tokens whenever they shop.